Recent Feedback from Arry’s Roofing Customers

thumbs-upAt Arry’s Roofing, customer satisfaction is our top concern. It’s so important to us that we utilize several survey methods to ensure that every Arry’s Roofing customer is a satisfied customer. If there is a problem, we do our very best to make it right. Here is some recent feedback from Arry’s clients regarding their experiences with our roofing contractors in St. Petersburg, FL, and Tampa, FL!

May 2015
Salesperson: Dave Braund
Customer: Freda Murray
Feedback: “I would like to recognize all of the office staff who are always so kind – and the workers working on the roof were great! I’ve never seen men working so hard and they never messed around – just kept working and getting the job done!!”

Salesperson: Ronald Pineda
Customer: Lisa Du Faux
Feedback: “Very happy with all interaction and final result. Your professionalism shows that you care!”

Salesperson: Brad Blanton
Customer: Nick Catalano
“Very good job all the way around!!”

Salesperson: Brad Blanton
Customer: Shadi Triash
Feedback: “Great experience. Hesitant to recommend for repair as the warranty is only a year.”

Salesperson: Ronald Pineda
Customer: Dave Wheat
Feedback: “Very professional throughout the process – don’t change.”

Salesperson: Chris Foster
Customer: Alice Parisi
Feedback: “Chris Foster, project manager, is a professional and informative employee. All the personnel on our installation provided us with a ‘perfect’ experience. Thank you Arry’s Roofing!”

April 2015
Salesperson: Brad Blanton
Customer: Ed Dzija
Feedback: “Excellent knowledge and job well done. I would recommend this company to friends.”

Salesperson: Dave Braund
Customer: Tom Jarosz
Feedback: “Thank you for helping us. It was a good experience from beginning to end.”

March 2015
Salesperson: Jayson Hansel
Customer: Doug McFall
Feedback: “Took a few calls in relaying that we needed some touchup where the glue splattered on the paint house. Ultimately it was done very well.”

Salesperson: Chris Foster
Customer: Steve Meyers
Feedback: “Professional and courteous staff. Great communication and follow up. Great job!”

Salesperson: Brad Blanton
Customer: First Baptist Church of Ozona
Feedback: “Very professional!”

Salesperson: Chuck Ankrom
Customer: Joel & Liz Stephenson
Feedback: “We have been very happy. When it is time to replace our tile roof, we will call you.”

Salesperson: Chris Foster
Customer: Kathy Schmieder
Feedback: “Everyone was awesome. I will continue to recommend Arry’s Roofing to everyone.”

Salesperson: Chris Foster
Customer: Janie MacBryde
Feedback: “Nowadays the norm is not to expect excellent results. When you do receive excellent results, it is appreciated.”

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