Residential Roofing Series: Flat/Low Slope Highlights

Homeowners deserve roofs that function well without breaking the bank or requiring too much maintenance. After all, the roof is one of your first lines of defense against harsh weather conditions. It also helps preserve the structural integrity of your house. Finally, it keeps your living space safe and comfortable.


If those features sound like something you want, then consider flat or low slope roofing. In this latest entry for our Residential Roofing Series, your premier Tampa roofer highlights the features of flat/low slope roofing.

Benefits of Flat/Low Slope Roofing

Flat or low slope roofing can be produced using various materials. At Arry’s Roofing, we offer PVC, EPDM, TPO membranes, or modified bitumen flat roofs. Residential homes have unique needs, so feel free to select the material that best fits your requirements.

In addition, this roof type is flexible in terms of design. Flat/slope roofing offers design options that other roofing types may not offer. You can also opt for customized decorative designs that pitched roofs simply do not allow.

Furthermore, their flat structure also lends itself well to easy installation. This way, you save money and time when you choose this type. On top of that, the lack of valleys and slopes make these easy to maintain throughout the years, so you save more on upkeep.

Get Excellent Flat/Low Slope Roofs from Arry’s Roofing

These features already make flat/low slope roofs an attractive prospect. As expert roofing contractors in Tampa, we offer quality roofs that will add value to your home. Whether you need traditional or single-ply systems, flat or low slope roofing is a smart investment. Complement that with our amazing warranty, and you’ll have peace of mind for years to come.

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