Roof: Keeping Our Elderlies Comfortable This Summer

Tampa residents experience one of the hottest summers in the United States as we are situated in the southern fringe of the humid subtropical climate zone. Not only that, residents also have to think about afternoon showers and frequent thunderstorms during this otherwise sunny season, making this time of the year one of the most uncomfortable for most of our locals, especially the older ones.

This is the reason why it is important for us to always keep an eye on our aging loved ones during this hottest season of the year. Our elderlies are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses as their bodies are a little on the feeble side.

This excerpt from tbo.com offers some useful suggestions to keep our older home companions a little more comfortable this summer season:  

During times of extreme cold or heat, older adults must be protected in the home and check in with relatives, friends and neighbors regularly if they live alone. As we age, we have less of an ability to detect changes in temperature. For heat, it is important to have fully functioning air conditioning (if not in the home then seek refuge often in public facilities that are air conditioned), stay hydrated, and wear appropriate clothing. For extreme cold, wear protective clothing and have easy access to a thermometer in an indoor location to check during the winter months.

In taking care of our elderlies, we should also make sure that their homes are in tiptop condition to efficiently protect them against the harsh summers of Tampa. One of the most important parts of your home is definitely the roof as it is the first line of defense against the different elements of nature. With Florida’s often intense weather conditions, your roof is likely to deteriorate faster, causing numerous roofing problems – from damaged or missing shingles to leaks and compromised interior insulation. This is why a regular inspection to check for possible roof repair in Tampa FL is important in keeping comfortable homes.

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(Article Excerpt from How can I stay safe in my home as I age?, tbo.com, June 28, 2014)