Superior Roof Performance, Part 1: Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Your roof must stand the test of time and all sorts of weather conditions. After exposure to the elements, debris such as dirt, leaves, and branches may have gathered on the roof. These must be removed immediately to protect your roof and to ensure that it will reach its maximum service life.

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 Importance of Roof Cleaning

Keeping the roof clear of any debris avoids any complications the debris may bring. Here are some of the common issues brought by untended roofing:

  • Sagging or cracking due to the weight of debris
  • Mold and fungi growth, which leads to structural damage
  • Unhealthy air
  • Higher energy costs

Roofers in Largo, FL, can remove any leaves or fallen branches from your roof. Contractors can also remove mold and fungi using chemical cleaning systems. Keeping your roof clean can lead to the following:

  1. Less energy consumption – Roofs that are free from dirt and mold can reflect the heat better.
  2. Protection from water damage – Cleaning ensures that there are no branches or other things that could create holes in the roof.
  3. Enhanced curb appeal – Cleaning leaves a flawless, attractive roof.
  4. Extended roof service life – Cleaning protects your roof from damage, causing its service life to be maximized.
  5. More savings – Cleaning roofs can help avoid costly roof work.
  6. Breathable air – A clean roof also removes harmful organisms that can be inhaled and affect your family’s health.

Local Cleaning Service

With Arry’s Roofing Services, you can get impeccable roofing that will last for many years. We are a Tampa roofing contractor who values your health, safety, and property.

Before we clean your roof, we lay down a protective cover over nearby plants and shrubs. Afterward, we go over your roof and clean it using a special chemical system. It incorporates sodium hypochlorite, mild detergents with algaecide, and a solution thickener. The special mix allows for minimal runoff along the roof edges.

Save money on major roof work or energy bills today by scheduling roof cleaning. We offer cleaning services around Tampa, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs.

Protect your investment and call us today to get a cleaning estimate. You can also request a quote through the online form on our Contact Us page.

Learn about our maintenance and repair services in the next installment of this two-part series.