Terms to Know Before Talking to Us About Gutters

lsLeft to its own devices, rainwater will end up just where you don’t want it: running down the side of your home, into doors and windows, and pooling around your foundation. Fortunately, the Tampa gutter contractors at Arry’s Roofing can stop the damaging power of water with a well-designed gutter system and skillfully direct it away from your home.

Gutters are produced in a number of shapes and profiles, but a well-designed gutter system consists of a few critical parts. Here is a basic outline of the components that make up a traditional house gutter system.

  • Gutter segments. The most visible part of the gutter system are the straight gutter troughs that channel water collected from your rooftop. Guttering may be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and colors, but its function is always the same. Common materials are aluminum, vinyl, steel and copper.
  • Downspouts & elbows. Downspouts are the vertical tubes that channel water from the gutters along the roof line to the ground. Downspouts must be large and numerous enough to accommodate rainwater runoff without backing up. If a downspout needs to be diverted around an obstruction or change direction, an elbow will be installed. Elbows and downspout extenders are used at the bottom of a downspout to divert water away from the house and foundation.
  • Mitres & end caps. Where a corner of the gutter turns is called a mitre. A gutter segment is terminated by an end cap that must be sealed to prevent leaks.
  • Hangers. Gutters are secured by a system of hangers that support each section. Today most installers utilize hidden hangers attached to the house with screws for a clean look.

Professional Gutter Installation for Your Tampa Bay Home

The Tampa gutter contractors at Arry’s Roofing have extensive experience designing the most attractive and functional gutter systems. Our aluminum gutters are available in 25 colors, so you can pick the perfect accent for your home. Contact Arry’s today for a FREE guttering estimate at (727) 938-9565!