The Importance of Professional Paint Touch-Up for Metal Roofing

Image 2If you scratch your car, you probably know that it’s important to cover that scratch with touch-up paint to prevent the metal underneath from corroding. In addition, it would be best to make the scratch as inconspicuous as possible by obtaining paint directly from the manufacturer of your vehicle, so you could match the original finish of your car. When it comes to a metal roof, the process should be no different.

How Metal Roofing Panels are Manufactured

The importance of proper paint touch-up for painted metal roofing in Palm Harbor can’t be overemphasized. Like automotive paint, the paint systems used for metal roofing are applied and baked on at the factory, in order to create a tough, protective barrier that can wear for decades with little or no maintenance needed by the owner. When scratches occur on metal roofing panels, it’s not enough to cover them with a store-bought, over-the-counter exterior paint – even if the color is a perfect match with the roof. Here’s why.

Each roof panel begins as cold-rolled steel that is covered with a metallic coating to protect it from oxidation. During the initial painting process, a pre-treatment is applied to the panel to ensure good adhesion, followed by primer and paint. Even after all these coatings are applied, the finished paint layer is no thicker than cellophane, so it’s easy to understand how scratches can occur. A deep scratch will compromise the integrity of the paint and the galvanized coating on the panels.

If a scratch is not properly repaired and touched up with approved paint, the paint may fade and chalk within a short period of time, leaving you with a more unsightly problem. There is also a chance you could void the paint warranty.

Trust Your Metal Roofing to Arry’s

The experts at Arry’s Roofing ensure that a new metal roof is properly installed and closely inspected for scratches and any other defects. If a scratch is discovered, it is touched up with manufacturer-approved paint according to manufacturer instructions, before the project is finished. If you have an existing metal roof, Arry’s can also inspect it and skillfully repair scratches according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Give us a call at (727) 938-9565 to speak to pros who have the experience and equipment to complete your Palm Harbor metal roofing project professionally and affordably!