Why Pick Tile Roofing?

Looking for a good Saint Petersburg roofing option for your home? You might want to consider tile roofing. A lot of home owners and Saint Petersburg roofing contractors prefer a tile roof because it has several advantages it has over other roofing options.

Curb appeal

The patterns and textures that can be achieved using tile roofing allow roofers to create some of the most visually impressive roofs in the neighborhood. A good looking roof makes a home’s curb appeal and overall value increase substantially.


When properly installed by experts such as the professionals at Arry’s Roofing, tile roofs are more than capable of withstanding all but the most extreme weather conditions that residents in the area have to deal with every year. Because tiles are heavier than other popular roofing alternatives, tile roofing offers excellent wind resistance, protecting the rest of the home against strong winds associated with hurricanes and storms. They are also tough enough to resist damage caused by hailstorms, which occur mostly during the rainy season.


Tile roofing’s durability makes it one of the best roofing options when it comes to service life. Tiled roofs can have twice the lifespan of a roof covered with asphalt shingles, and can easily last for half a century. If the roof is properly maintained, a tile roof can even last for at least 80 years or more.


While the installation costs of tile roofing may seem a bit higher than those of asphalt and metal roofing, our experts on roofing in St. Petersburg say that the much longer lifespan makes tile roofs almost twice as cost effective as shingles and metal roofing.

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