Your Metal Roof: To Clean or Not to Clean?

lsCleaning a roof usually isn’t at the top of most spring cleaning lists, but for homeowners who have a metal roof, a professional cleaning offers several benefits. In addition to periodic inspections, keeping your Tampa, FL, metal roofing clean is the best way to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and stays looking newer longer. Debris, moss, algae and bird droppings trap moisture on the surface and encourage corrosion of the metal. It is important to remove this debris regularly.

Arry’s Roofing uses a gentle sodium hypochlorite cleaning solution and a pressure washer to remove debris without stripping the coating on metal roofs. Because different materials react to cleaning chemicals in different ways, we are careful to use products recommended by the manufacturer of your roof to maintain its appearance and lifespan. Cleaning residue left on the surface can cause damage to the coating and decrease the longevity of your roofing system. Extra care must be taken to prevent water from being forced under the roof panels, flashing and vents – another reason why this job is best left to an experienced professional.

Safety First

Arry’s Roofing does not recommend do-it-yourself roof cleaning. Not only is cleaning a metal roof challenging, it can also be extremely dangerous. Cleaning solutions create a very slippery surface, and on a steep metal roof, a fall is highly likely. For an affordable cost, our trained professionals can clean your metal roof and keep you safely on the ground.

For a no-obligation estimate on cleaning your Tampa metal roof, call Arry’s Roofing today at (727) 938-9565 to schedule an estimate for roof cleaning services local homeowners and commercial property managers count on. We are the roofers Tampa has relied on for more than 25 years!