Get Fresh Ideas with the GAF Style Guide

Picking the design of your GAF shingles can enhance the look of your home significantly. The challenge often lies in finding the right theme. Other times, it lies in expressing a specific concept in your head. Recently, GAF relaunched it’s popular Shingle Style Guide to incorporate newer design concepts and ideas.

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Arry’s Roofing Services looks at what you can expect from the improved style guide.

Keeping with the times

When it comes to the design of roofing in St. Petersburg, nothing is ever constant. With a trend shift towards “bringing the indoors, outdoors”, darker, natural shades are becoming popular. The GAF Style Guide takes the ambiguity out of choosing tones consistent with this style. It features no less than four color swatches that reflect this design ethos. Accompanying each swatch are the interior concepts that GAF drew inspiration from in conceptualizing a better style guide.

Ask an expert

For this newer style guide, GAF has called upon the expertise of Nancy Fire. A designer and consultant for more than 30 years, she is the perfect go-to person when it comes to interior and exterior design. As design director for HGTV HOME, there is no one better poised to provide homeowners with the lowdown on the latest trends. Her insight and experience lend new life to the revitalized Style Guide.

See into the future

Lastly, GAF has bundled their handy Virtual Home Remodeler accessible by a convenient link at the end of the Style Guide. This allows you to see what your roofing in Clearwater looks like before you purchase anything. You can use a number of pre-rendered samples or even upload your own home’s picture for an immersive and real-world view of what you’re getting. You can customize everything, from the shingles selected to the siding color, to match your home’s look.

These three certainly come together to make it easier and more efficient to choose the roof material and style that will suit your home. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the roof that’s perfect for you.