Ways to Improve Your Home’s Comfort Level

Studies by LiveScience have found that people are most comfortable with temperatures between 40 to 95 degrees and with no more than 50% relative humidity. The closer your home’s interior is to that ideal range, the more comfortable you’ll feel. In addition to temperature and humidity, your home needs to have a healthy noise level.

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Arry’s Roofing discusses how you can improve these aspects.

Control Moisture
The average family releases up to 10 liters of moisture per day through their everyday activities. Modern home design and insulation can sometimes prevent this moisture from escaping. This increases the humidity levels in the home and makes occupants uncomfortable.

We can help, as we’re not just the expert in roof repair in Tampa, FL; we are also experts in attic ventilation. Our Attic Breeze system will remove hot and humid air from your attic. Combined with other mechanical ventilation systems, this will help make your home more comfortable.

Regulate Temperature
You need to address several things to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If you have old single-pane windows, it’s best to replace them with newer double-pane windows that have insulating gas between the panes. Our windows create a thermal barrier that prevents heat exchange between your home and the outside. You should also have attic insulation. We can insulate your attic using high-quality Owens Corning products. This insulation will prevent energy from escaping through your attic.

Reduce Noise
As an expert Tampa roofing contractor, we also recommend our attic insulation services because it helps manage noise levels. Our meticulously installed blown-in insulation will reduce the noise coming in through your attic. You should also insulate your wall cavities and replace your old windows with double-paned windows with insulating gas.

Follow these guidelines and your home will be comfortable regardless of the outside weather. Arry’s Roofing can help you achieve that goal with our insulation services and the Attic Breeze solar powered ventilation system. We also provide a full range of roofing services. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about improving your home’s comfort level or to request a free estimate.