Home Problems Caused During a Thunderstorm

Spring might mean sunny days and light weekends, but this is also the time for severe weather and, in Florida, that means thunderstorms. Accuweather reports on the likelihood of storms in the area:

While heavy rain drenches the Southeast from Alabama to the Carolinas, portions of Florida will remain at risk for strong thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms with strong winds pressed onshore around St. Petersburg and Tampa, Fla., Friday afternoon. The St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport recorded a 40-mph wind gust when the thunderstorms rolled through.

With this in mind, Arry’s Roofing Services Inc., a Saint Petersburg roofing company, points out many different factors that might result in home problems when the inclement weather hits the area.

Flash flooding, lightning, hail, high winds, and tornadoes are all possible phenomena during a thunderstorm. Strong winds, in particular, could easily lift objects and turn them into missiles that can shatter windows and break shingles.

The St. Petersburg roofing contractor further advises homeowners to be watchful of nature’s effect on their homes during such instances. The weather report from Accuweather also enumerates a few other threats to properties that you may not be aware of:

Damaging winds will be the main threat from these storms with winds strong enough to blow over trees and knock over power lines.

However, some of the stronger storms may have the potential to produce large hail or even a few brief tornadoes or waterspouts.

As much as Floridians would like to enjoy the sunny weather in all its glory, the sky will not always cooperate with your plans and weekend wishes. Although there are a lot of activities to do when the weather clears up, it’s important for you to keep an eye on the roof to avoid costly repairs afterwards. Preparing your property before any weather disturbance hits is the best way to minimize its possible impact.


(Article excerpt from Severe thunderstorms remain a threat to Florida, accuweather.com, April 18, 2014)