Hurricane Season: Roofing Preparations Every Floridian Should Know

Once June begins, Florida will be saying hello, yet again, to the yearly phenomenon of the hurricane season. Floridians can expect some storms and hurricanes again. Fortunately, the weather wouldn’t be as harsh as the previous years, mainly due to El Niño which will quell the winds before they become hurricanes. Florida Today has a report on this phenomenon:

The pattern of warmer-than-usual water in the Pacific Ocean usually results in stronger shearing winds across the tropical Atlantic Ocean, which clips the tops off tropical systems before they can intensify into hurricanes.

But forecasters warn against complacency and remind that Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida during the tail end of an El Niño. It was the first named storm of the season and struck in August.

Because of the high prospects for an El Niño, Colorado State University’s forecasting team predicts a well-below-average hurricane season, which runs June 1 to Nov. 30.

The report emphasized on the risk of complacency, which is why Arry’s Roofing Services, a team of reputable Dunedin FL roofers, advises that Floridians continue to observe the common preparations for this season.

Apart from the usual inspection, you should ensure that the roof has hurricane straps installed. While these are mandatory in Jacksonville, other areas – older homes, in particular – don’t have this addition. Professionals for roofing in Dunedin FL like Arry’s Roofing Services can help you with this. Sheathing and truss bracing are both essential during this season too.

Quickly repair any pre-existing  damage to prevent it from getting worse. Problems like broken shingles can result in leaks and interior damage. Pay attention to the environment around your home. Trim the tree branches surrounding your property to prevent them from falling on your home during a hurricane. Always consider re-roofing as your option when you find damage that is too difficult or massive to repair.

As a Floridian, you should be well accustomed to the hurricane season. Once this time starts, prepare yourself and your home for different weather phenomena.

(Article excerpt from Hurrican season here: El Niño to the rescue?, www.floridatoday.com, May 29, 2014.)