Importance of Regular St Petersburg Roofing Inspection on Buildings

An article published in the Tampa Bay Times detailed how a poorly maintained apartment complex caused trouble to every tenant:

The complex, on the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street S and 34th Avenue S, has a history of mold, leaks and code violations, according to the new co-owner, Aurelijus Baltusis, who closed on the property only days before. Months ago the city labeled three units on the second floor “unfit for human habitation.” Many of the residents here were drawn not by views of Lake Maggiore, but because the previous owner offered no deposit and cheap rent.


A fire marshal from the St. Petersburg Fire Department arrived around 9 a.m., surveying the apartments, telling residents their ceilings were likely to collapse. The fire department passed out black tarps to cover mattresses and TVs; then the complex’s power was shut off for safety.

The roof of the Lakewood Terrace Apartment was poorly maintained by the previous owner, causing it to collapse, bringing problems to the tenants who lived in the run-down apartment complex. This incident reminds all property owners to have regular Saint Petersburg roofing inspection and maintenance. As the overseer of the 24-unit property, the previous owner is expected to have the roof checked regularly, especially since the complex has plenty of tenants.

The roof is one of the most vulnerable aspects of a building that battles consistently with the harsh weather conditions in Tampa Bay area. Constant roof inspection will not only help avoid building damage, but also prevent the ire of tenants, who were lured there by the owner’s no-deposit policy and low rent rates.

To ensure that roof inspection is properly done, apartment owners should solicit the services of a professional roofing company. Reliable roofers can spot potential problem areas like, for instance, broken shingles, which may cause rainwater to seep through the roof. These problems can be solved quickly if they are discovered soon enough.

Roof inspections can also help the current owner of an apartment building learn more about his property’s roof. The new owner, for example, may discover that the previous owner used a shingle material incompatible to the climate in the area. This will help him make more informed decisions regarding his property and the tenants who live in it.

Apartment owners should not wait for signs of trouble to have their roofs checked, and have a thorough St. Petersburg roofing inspection immediately. Home and property owners can contact professional roofing services like Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. to learn more about these inspections.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Roof collapse at St. Petersburg apartments displaces residents, The Tampa Bay Times, November 2, 2013)