Largo, FL Roofing Tips: Don’t Let the Bitter Cold Threaten Your Home

tampa bay region prepares for record cold imageIt’s devastatingly cold, even and especially for Florida. As the Tampa Bay Times reports:

Frigid arctic air that drove temperatures below zero in nearly half the country also threatened to bring record lows to the Tampa Bay region, putting farmers on alert and opening cold-weather shelters.

A hard freeze, with temperatures at 28 degrees for two or more hours, was expected this morning in areas immediately north of Tampa Bay, including parts of Hernando and Citrus counties.

Freezing temperatures were also likely in Pasco and parts of Hillsborough counties, with slightly warmer temperatures in Pinellas and coastal areas.

“This air mass is so cold that we will have windchill factors in the low 20s across the region,” Bay News 9 meteorologist Josh Linker said.

The high today will probably be in the high 40s, likely a record for lowest daytime temperature, and wind gusts of 15 mph or higher will make it seem much colder.

While you’re keeping warm and comfy in the confines of your home, you need to be aware that your house itself might already be suffering from the extremely low temperatures. Have you checked your roof lately? You might already have a buildup of snow and ice up there. This can cause ice dams, which in turn can break shingles, destroy gutters, and dump water into your house, prompting the need for Largo, FL roofing repair.

Ice dams form on a roof because of improper roof ventilation and insulation. In addition to threatening the integrity of your trusty roof, these can cost you money by causing your energy bills to soar. For long-term benefits, contact experienced Largo, FL roofers like Arry’s Roofing about ventilating and insulating your attic and roof area more effectively. It can not only help you feel comfortable during this extraordinary season, but throughout the rest of the year as well.

(Article Information and Image from Tampa Bay region prepares for record cold, Tampa Bay Times, January 6, 2014)