Metallic Roof Solutions through East Lake, FL Roofing Contractors



A more awesome cool roofing solution may work for you if you want to – just ask the US Air Force. An article Jennifer McCabe wrote for the Air Force News Service revealed that the Air Force Civil Engineering Center at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas attempted an integrated roofing system for the base’s security forces building. The project involved installing a fresh layer of metal roofs and locking them in with a solar roofing array, among other features.

The Air Force project’s emphasis on energy efficiency and how it is anchored around a metal roofing system may win some favor with residents of East Lake, Florida. The city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico helps it attain clear weather for most of the year, but can have some bad episodes of rains and thunderstorms particularly during hurricane season. As the hot climate may not be different from San Angelo’s, it can be wise to pursue metal roof solutions through reputable East Lake, FL roofing contractors such as Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.

The fact that the Goodfellow base security force is under a metal roof says a lot about its advantages over other roofing materials. Any competent roof contractor, however, will still evaluate the viability of their client’s commercial structure for a metal roof before going ahead with producing the metal sheets. The sheets themselves will be cut to size at an in-house metal shop.

A roofing contractor tasked to set up a metal roof system will make sure to factor in space for proper ventilation. McCabe mentioned that the security force building’s integrated roof also had above-sheathing ventilation set up just under the solar roofing, which allows for airflow to go under the fascia before being converted into hot air out of a ridge vent. This in turn, helps get the radiant heat off the attic.

Florida’s weather presents too many opportunities for water damage on the roofing system, thus, requiring an effective gutter framework to help channel the water away from the roof. Reputable East Lake, FL roofers like Arry’s can set up gutters of the appropriate volume. The base building’s rainwater catchment is linked to a 10,000-liter storage tank.

The Air Force Civil Engineering Center’s project has wonderful features applicable to civilians, even if the centerpiece is a metal roof. A roofer with years of experience will find ways to tap a metal roof’s utmost potential for its own clients.