Prevention is Always Better: Get Tampa Roof Repair to Avoid Headaches

(Info from Leaky roof forces dozens out of their Pasco County apartments, News 13, August 21, 2013)

When a ceiling starts to leak, many people will just stick a bucket under it to collect the drops of water. Those little drops, however, are like omens of much bigger problems, as the residents of a Florida apartment complex have learned. News 13 reports that:

Dozens of families were evacuated from their Pasco County homes due to a leaky roof and heavy rains.

According to Pasco County Fire Rescue, water damage at the Park at Barrington Place Apartments on Plaza Drive off U.S. 19 in Holiday forced 85 people out of their homes late Tuesday.

Officials said residents were evacuated from 36 apartments as a safety precaution. A leaky roof caused water damage to multiple units. Officials have not released the extent of the damage to the building but said there is no structural damage.

Oftentimes, roof repair for Tampa homes is only a reaction to major problems like the one described above. Ideally though, regular roof repair and maintenance should be done to prevent leaks in the first place. To better care for their roofs, homeowners should be aware of the reasons why they are damaged in the first place. Below are three of the most common ones:

Like cars, roofs also have to be properly maintained to ensure optimum performance. People should regularly check their roofs for sagging portions or missing shingles as these are sure signs of roof damage. Debris like leaves should also be swept off the roof’s surface as they hold moisture, which can wear away the roof’s integrity.

Roof tiles or shingles will expand and contract depending on the temperature. The repeated expansion and contraction can eventually weaken roofing materials. Additionally, excess heat will cause roof tiles to curl, warp, or blister.

As a coastal city, Tampa has seen its fair share of storms and hurricanes. Given the way that strong, high-speed winds strike a roof, the edges and corners are usually more battered than the middle portion. The wind may also have a sucking motion that will continue to pry away at loosened shingles or tiles until they come off, which then allows water to seep into the home.

Don’t wait for leaks to happen before investing in roof repair. At the first sign of the problems mentioned above, get reliable Tampa, FL roof repair services from established companies like Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.

(Info from Leaky roof forces dozens out of their Pasco County apartments, News 13, August 21, 2013)