Tampa Roofing Companies: Restoring Roofs on Historic Buildings

Relics of the past need to undergo periodic renovations to ensure that they’re preserved for subsequent generations; Will Chavez of the Cherokee Phoenix reports that:

The Saline District Courthouse got more attention in September as crews worked to restore the roof and add new shingles to it.
Built in 1884, it’s one of nine Cherokee Nation courthouses built in the 1800s and the only district courthouse still standing. The court had jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanor crimes and civil suits less than $100.

The restoration phase consists of a new roof structure with new decking and historic-era shingles. The work will help structurally support the building, as well as prevent moisture from destroying the historic materials within the building.

“This phase is meant to protect and preserve the structure. You’ll see going back on the building is something that will be an era-significant roof style, so it will have cedar shingles and it will look very much like it did when it was courthouse,” Travis Owens of Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism said.

The importance of preserving buildings of historic significance, like the Saline District Courthouse in Rose, Oklahoma, will resonate with residents of Tampa, Florida. The area has many buildings dating back a hundred years, such as the old federal courthouse in downtown Tampa and the El Pasaje building in Ybor City. Roofs eventually degrade after years of enduring the elements, and if Tampa residents have roofs that need to be repaired or replaced, they should contact Tampa roofing experts, like those from Arry’s Roofing Services, to reinforce these systems.

The courthouse restoration program was initiated in 2003, with the Cherokee Nation and the Saline Preservation Association (SPA) leading the effort. According to Chavez, the work done so far has included efforts to restore the porch and chimneys, and conduct lead-based paint abatement. A skilled roofing company will evaluate the entire structure to determine the work that needs to be done and then proceed accordingly.

The Saline project is important to the Cherokees, as it is the last standing among nine courthouses the tribe built in the 1800s, but were closed after the Curtis Act was passed in 1898. Structures that have stood the test of time need periodic maintenance and renovation work to remain viable, starting with their roofs. Roofers Tampa residents trust, such as Arry’s Roofing Services, can perform roof repairs on historic buildings in the Tampa Bay Area.

(Info from Saline Courthouse roof gets restored, re-shingled; Cherokee Phoenix, Sep 19, 2013)