Trust Saint Petersburg Roofing Experts to Deal with Collapsed Roofing


Big gashes on your roof are never a good sight during episodes of inclement weather. An Associated Press article carried over Komo News reported that a woodworking shop in Kent near Seattle, WA saw a big chunk of its warehouse buckle down during a heavy rain squall on August 29, 2013. The drains apparently overflowed, causing a section of the flat roof to collapse.

The rains that hit Kent are familiar to residents in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area in general since the region gets battered heavy rainfall during the wet months from June to September. Hurricanes and storms skirt the area from time to time, with varying degrees of damage to the local community. In the event that your business premises befalls the same fate as the warehouse in Kent, you will have to call on a Saint Petersburg roofing company like Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. for a prompt remedy.

A roofing contractor will initially send in a crew to assess the damage and determine what needs to be done through a free estimate. In the meantime, the repair team will need to drape and weigh down a large tarpaulin to enshroud the gash. In the case of the woodworking shop’s warehouse, the AP article stated that the hole measured 40 feet by 40 feet. An inspector who looked over the damage had the affected area sealed off; employees were allowed to work in the other safe areas of the shop.

The size of the hole cut into the Kent store’s flat roof will partly require a replacement for the affected section, but shop officials have not yet commented on how they will pay for any work done. Similar forms of damage as a result of weather disturbances in the Tampa region may be covered through a business insurance policy. Clients can count on a trusted roofing contractor like Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. to facilitate the filing of insurance claims.

The AP article did not say whether the Kent store facility had any insulation underneath the roofing when it collapsed. In any case, most commercial and residential structures in such a tropical region like St. Pete will have some sort of insulation in place. In this respect, experts on roofing in St Petersburg can install a fresh layer of insulation underneath the roof to minimize subsequent roofing problems such as condensation.

A collapsed roof poses serious dangers and will accordingly require prompt attention. To ensure everyone’s safety, one will need to call in competent roofers with the necessary expertise and credentials.