Tampa Roofers Recommend Blown-in Insulation for Older Roofing Systems

If you’re celebrating the holidays in Tampa, you’re bound to enjoy the many exciting activities planned for that time of year, such as the annual tree lighting ceremony and other events. With Christmas just around the corner, many homeowners have been going through their attics, looking for the Christmas decorations they’ll be using to adorn their homes. While searching for winter outerwear and Christmas decorations, however, some homeowners may notice a distinct musty odor emanating from their attics.


According to reputable Tampa roofing contractors, this musty and damp smell in your attic stems from the lack of proper ventilation. This issue can be remedied with the installation of ridge vent systems, soffit vents, insulation baffles, powered attic fans, gable vents, and other systems. The following excerpt from About.com provides more information:

Ever ask yourself “why does my attic smell so musty?” In many cases, the lack of proper ventilation can lead to this musty smell as well as void an asphalt shingle manufacturer’s warranty if damage to the roof is a direct result of insufficient ventilation.

Ventilation of attic spaces is required by most building codes as well as by roofing material manufacturers and the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). Most building codes require a ratio of 1/150 — ventilation space to attic floor space.

Proper air flow is essential to enhancing freshness and decreasing moisture in your attic. Warm and damp air arising from other parts of your home, like the bathrooms and kitchen, tend to build up in your attic, and without attic ventilation systems, mold and mildew will be free to proliferate. Aside from compromising indoor air quality (IAQ), excessive mold proliferation can trigger allergy symptoms— like upper respiratory problems, coughing, and sneezing—in the home’s occupants.

Condensation in an improperly-ventilated attic can also compromise the structural integrity of attics and roofing systems, reduce the efficiency of the home’s insulation, warp the roof deck, lead to a rise in cooling and heating costs, and cause paint to peel and blister. Fortunately, certified Tampa roofers from companies like Arry’s Roofing Services provide ventilation remediation solutions. A recommended treatment for older homes is the application of Owens Corning’s blown-in insulation.

Using an insulation blowing machine, the roofing contractor can condition, break up, and distribute blown-in insulation made from fiberglass or cellulose. The insulation blowing machine adds millions of tiny air pockets to the material, which enhances its insulating power. Proper attic insulation will keep warm and cool air inside the home, reduce moisture issues, check mold proliferation, and just as importantly, rids attics of that musty smell.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation in Your Attic; About.com)