Tips on Hiring the Right Roofer

One of the benefits of remodeling your roof is that it provides you with the opportunity to update its look, especially if your roofing system is already outdated and showing signs of aging. It also allows you to switch to better roofing materials that are energy-efficient and can provide your home with optimum protection from the elements. If you have plans to give your roof a makeover, make sure to get the right materials and hire expert our Dunedin, FL roofers for a successful roof remodeling project.


How to Find a Reliable Roofer

The failure and success of your roof remodeling project will mostly depend on the contractor you will hire. So here is a list of the things you need to do to make sure you choose the right roofer.

  • Determine how long they have been in operation. For better results, the company you’ll choose should have been in the roofing business for at least five years. A more experienced roofing company is generally more reliable and more capable of providing its clients with quality services and excellent results.
  • Check their licenses and insurance. This is for your own protection. If the roofers are licensed, it is very likely that they follow government and industry standards. The insurance, on the other hand, will save you from possible risks and dangers that could happen to you, your property, and the workers.
  • Ask for references. A well-established contractor can give you a list of references or previous customers who have been satisfied with their services. This will help you determine if the roofing company can offer you good customer service.
  • Check their prices. The company that offers it services at a price that is lower than average is likely to offer sub-standard materials and quality of work. On the other hand, the most expensive service does not always mean it is the best. Consider other factors before making your decision to get the best value for your money.
  • Consider their skills and training. One way to make sure that you’ll receive quality services is to consider the roofers’ levels of skills, knowledge, expertise and training.
  • Choose someone who has good communication skills. Proper communication is vital to the success of your remodeling project. A roofer who is always ready and available to answer your inquiries and keep you informed about every aspect of the remodeling project can give you a lot of benefits.
  • Don’t forget the warranty of materials and services. The warranty serves as a guarantee that when a problem arises, your contractor will take care of it. Make sure you have a written copy of this warranty.
  • Demand a clean-up. Get the assurance that during and after the roofing project, the roofers leave your house neat and orderly to prevent safety hazards and accidents. Ask if the clean-up is included in the cost.
  • Ask for a written contract. It is important to put everything in black and white. As such, make sure that there is a written contract between you and your chosen roofer. The contract should include the scope of the project, materials to be used, costs, dates of start and completion, and other important aspects of the project.

Who to Hire

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