Tracing and Fixing Leaks with Trusted Clearwater, FL Roofing Services

(Article Excerpt and Image from Help! How Do I Determine What Is Causing My Roof Leak, About.com)

If you’re planning on buying more buckets and basins to catch dripping rainwater from your ceiling, then you better spend the money on solving the problem instead of just finding other ways to stay temporarily dry. Leaks may seem nothing more than just water dripping down your ceiling, but they could actually be the start of something much worse. Although it may take some time before certain parts of the roof start to rot, fixing leaks is definitely a better option than rebuilding your collapsed roofing.

It’s true that shingles are built to endure wind, heat, and rain, but these very same things can take a toll on them over time and loosen them up a bit, letting bits of water infiltrate the roofing system. Finding Clearwater, FL roofing contractors to fix them up is easy, but spotting where the leaks come from can be a bit difficult.

In fact, About.com writer Christophor Jurin states:

Sometimes determining the source of the roof leak can be an even greater challenge. The source of the roof leak on the outside of the home rarely matches where the leak appears on the inside of the home. This leads to a good deal of frustration for the homeowner who is attempting to repair the leak.

The reason why leaks are hard to locate is that water flows down as it seeps through the shingles, which means that it could actually have traveled along the beams and trusses of your roofing system before it actually hits your ceiling and drips down to the floor. While you put buckets under each water mark, you need to trace the water back to its source and seal it up.

Tracing the origin of a leak can be challenging especially when there is no water dripping down. You could try waiting for rain or have someone use a garden hose to splash water on the roof. Once you find the suspicious spot, it’s time to patch things up with a sealant or new shingles.

Patching up roof leaks can be difficult for the inexperienced, and you might end up working on the wrong spot of the roof or doing a shoddy repair job. Leaks are also found in other places like flashing and the edges of roof fixtures, so repairing them isn’t as simple as covering them with new shingles. To help ensure that the job is properly done, you can always count on reliable Clearwater roofing contractors like Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.