Who Let the Squirrels Out? Getting Them Out Of Your Attic

They’re furry and they’re cute. They look innocent and far from being troublesome. But in reality these little creatures can drive you nuts and wreak havoc on your home, especially on your roof. You should make it a point to contact pest specialists in case the signs are definitive. You also need to seek the services of Tampa roofers for repairs and other upkeep if damage has already taken its toll.

Regardless of the season, squirrels can be seen scampering around, gathering nuts, or hunting for insects. They are arboreal (tree-dwelling) animals so it should not come as a surprise that they can leap onto your roof and possibly make a new home. One of the experts in The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) documents some of the damage that squirrels have caused on his roof and the solar panels there:

“Squirrels are born with front teeth that never stop growing, so their constant gnawing keeps these teeth from growing uncomfortably long.  Unfortunately, over the past few years, squirrels decided to nest under the panels on my roof and use my solar wiring as dental floss.”

Other than potentially causing fires, squirrels can cause substantial direct damage to your roof and attic. They can chew on vent stack covers to enter the house. Furthermore, their nesting areas leave moisture, making your roof and attic vulnerable to mold, mildew, and eventual rot. They may also move roof tiles and cause leaks and intrusion of external elements.

There are a few of ways to eliminate animal problems. Here are some of them:

  • Cut tree branches that extend to your home’s roof.
  • Transfer your bird feeder somewhere that is not elevated to the height of your roof.
  • Place approved traps.
  • Call a pest expert.

When you’re sure that squirrels cannot get in your house anymore, the next thing you need to do is to scour your roof, gutters, and the attic for the scratches, dents, and holes left behind. Do this immediately to prevent your home from being exposed to water, wind, and insects. Don’t hesitate to call a Tampa roofing company like Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. to ensure that the repair job is done at the highest standard of quality.


(Article excerpt from Squirrels Are Driving Me and The Utilities Nuts, blog.cleanenergy.org)