3 Areas You Should Research About Your Roofer

When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, research is essential. Nonetheless, which areas should you focus on to determine if a roofer is truly reliable?

Choosing a roofing contractor

As the premier provider of Saint Petersburg roofing services, Arry’s Roofing shares with you the key areas that separate the best from the rest. Be sure to look at these three things:


Manufacturer certifications speak of many things: excellent quality of work, proven business reputation, satisfactory customer rating, and unwavering commitment to training. In addition, they can tell you if a roofer has the proper license and adequate liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Roofing brands employ these roofer programs to help consumers. You can rely on their strict standards to ensure you’ll find a St. Petersburg roofing contractor you can trust.

Not all manufacturer certifications are equal too. Dig deeper into every certification a roofing contractor claims to have to measure its credibility. One of the most reputable manufacturer certification programs out there is the GAF Master Elite™ program. As part of their certified contractors, we are proud to be among the top 3% of the industry.


With all the Clearwater roofing solutions, understand which materials the contractor specializes in. If you want a new asphalt shingle system, you can’t hire someone that only knows how to install slate tiles, and vice versa. One roofing system requires a completely different set of installation skills from another, so make sure you hire the company with the necessary proficiency on your chosen variety.

Arry’s Roofing is an expert in roof installations and repair. We have the necessary experience in tile, metal, shingles, and flat roofs. Be sure to consult us for all your roofing needs.

Past Projects

The best recommendation comes from your fellow neighbors. It’s smart to make a few phone calls and speak with the contractor’s previous clients. This can give you an idea how the roofer actually performs at work. Considering that their concerns may be similar to yours, go for the roofer that provides a stress-free remodeling experience based on other people’s testimonials.

That’s why Arry’s Roofing takes pride in receiving positive feedback of our previous customers. Check out what they have to say on our Reviews page.

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor you can trust, your search ends with Arry’s Roofing. Call us now at (727) 938-9565, and we’ll help you learn more about our company and services.