3 Things to Ask Before Getting a New Roof

A roof replacement is a financial investment that requires careful consideration, planning, and implementation. As many homeowners usually only do it once, this project may seem unfamiliar. Securing a durable, impervious roof is important, which is why Arry’s Roofing is here to make the process simpler.

New Roof

As your trusted Tampa roofer, we share the important things you need to ask to help you get started:

1. Which Roofing Material Will Suit My Home?

Each available roofing option has its own unique features and benefits. Your budget and style preference will largely affect your choice. Getting the right material will secure your roof’s performance and prevent premature failure.

Make sure to explain your quality and design concerns to your contractor. At Arry’s Roofing, we offer different systems to create high-performance roofing in Clearwater, FL. They also come from top manufacturers, such as GAF®, so you can rely on their quality.

2. Which Installation Method Will You Use?

For short-term cost savings, some roofers may recommend installing new shingles over your existing roof. While cutting out the process can be enticing, there are still compelling factors to follow the correct order. Shingles are stronger and more secure when attached directly to the roof deck. As there can be concealed issues beneath your old roof, it is imperative to remove the existing material. This gives your roofer the opportunity to inspect the area for water damage and rot.

As one of the top roofing contractors in Tampa, we do not take installation shortcuts that can compromise your home’s safety in the future. We will strip away the old roof and perform repairs, if necessary. We will also add a layer of protection against water damage and make room for sufficient attic ventilation before applying the new shingles.

3. How Long Can I Rely on My New Roof?

Most roofing experts would agree that asphalt roofs can last a lifetime, but some only last up to 20 years. This heavily depends on their quality. At Arry’s Roofing, our products carry the most extensive warranties in the industry, so you are assured of their optimum performance through the years. Our GAF Lifetime Shingles alone offer a generous lifetime limited guarantee. You can rely on these warranties for stress-free post-installation care.

Make sure to raise the right questions when venturing in such a large-scale project. Call us at (727) 938-9565 and we’ll be glad to answer them.