4 Common Residential Roofing Issues and How to Fix Them

Every homeowner wants a safe and comfortable home for their family. One component of a safe and comfortable home is a quality roofing system. A top notch roofing system, installed by certified professionals can save you money in the long run.


Any potential roofing issue needs to be dealt with right away. Should you wait, you may encounter bigger expenses and more inconvenience to your family.

Here are some common problems that are seen to Tampa – St. Pete, Tarpon Springs roofing:

Leaks and Moisture

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing issues encountered by homeowners. Roof leaks and moisture can occur due to various reasons. Some culprits include improper installation, poor seams and gutter systems, and broken shingles.

How to fix it: The best way to stop roof leaks is to have your entire roof inspected. The inspection will identify the parts of your roof that are be causing the problem and address any potential problems. Once we know the cause, we can help you decide which solution is best for you. The solution could be as simple as removing debris and dried leaves from the gutter system, keeping water from getting trapped on your roof.

Ponding Water

In our area, ponding water is often a problem for homeowners. Ponding water on your roof can result in deformation, leaks, moisture build-up, and growth of mold and mildew that can damage your roof’s surface.

How to fix it: If at all possible, avoid installing a flat roofing system. Providing some sort of roof slope or pitch (even a slight slope or pitch) is the best way to prevent rainwater from accumulating on your roof.

Blistering Shingles

Poor ventilation system and trapped moisture are just two of the common causes of blistering shingles. Blistering often happens when intense or extreme heat penetrates the roof shingles, causing blisters to eventually pop out on the surface.

How to fix it: Always take proper ventilation into consideration when repairing or installing a new roof. Make sure that you also frequently maintain and check your roof for any sign of blistered shingles. See to it that you replace the affected shingles before they pop out and lead to more serious problems.


One of the most important components of a roofing system is EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. This membrane covering serves as a protective barrier against extreme heat and UV rays. It also safeguards your roofing system against easy tearing, punctures, leaks, and holes.

EPDM is manufactured using special oils that enable the roofing material to become more flexible and resistant to changing weather. But this special oil can be lost over time, which can lead to shrinkage, especially in larger buildings where the membrane material is not installed correctly or checked regularly.

How to fix it: Applying preventive measures is always the best way to prevent shrinkage. Checking the quality of the roofing material can help you avoid shrinkage and allow you to enjoy your roofing system longer.

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