4 Mistakes to Avoid in a Roof Replacement Project

Roof replacement involves a significant amount of time and money, and you won’t want to waste both. To enjoy the lasting protection, comfort, and efficiency a new roof provides, make sure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.


One of the leading Dunedin, FL roofers, Arry’s Roofing Services, shares four of the most common mistakes in roof replacement, and recommends a lasting solution.

● Installing New Roofing Over the Old One
You need to consider your home’s walls and structure before starting work on your replacement roof. It’s best to tear off your existing roof system before installing the new one. This ensures that your new roof won’t inherit the old one’s problems. Your home’s structural integrity will also remain intact since the weight of additional layers of shingles won’t compromise it.

● Mismatched Shingles
Some roofing contractors patronize multiple dealers, and end up applying shingles that don’t match. To make sure your new roof will look lovely and even, check if your roofing contractor consistently uses the same supplier.

● Neglecting Attic Ventilation
The heat and humidity of Florida can easily wear out your roof shingles, resulting in a shorter lifespan. That’s why installing proper attic ventilation during your roof replacement is essential. This improves air circulation under your roof, preventing moisture from forming mold and mildew. It keeps your home’s interiors more comfortable, as well, helping reduce your cooling costs.

● Not Applying for a Roofing Permit
Most local governments will require you to apply for the right building permits, especially with a major project like roof replacement. This protects your interests while also ensuring your personal safety. Noncompliance can result in fines, forced removal of your new roof, and your insurance company refusing to cover your investment.

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