4 Roof Maintenance Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Regular roof maintenance is integral to your roofing system’s lifespan and performance. Unfortunately, some homeowners have misconceptions about roofing maintenance. In this post, Arry’s Roofing Services dispels these common roof maintenance myths.

1. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor Is Smart

It’s always better to choose a skilled and experienced contractor over a cheap one. This is because contractors that offer low prices typically cut corners and produce substandard work. In addition, to make up for their low margins, they usually work with too many customers, and this means they won’t give your roof the attention it needs. Mistakes during roof maintenance or repairs can lead to long-term problems and even premature roof failure, so it’s better not to take the risk.

2. Preventive Roof Maintenance Is Not Needed

Preventive roof maintenance is better than reactive maintenance. The cost of addressing a leak while it’s still small is a pittance compared to how much you’ll have to pay for a large leak that has caused significant water damage to different parts of your home. Preventive roofing maintenance keeps your roof in top shape, which means you’ll spend less on repairs over the years.

3. Possessing a Roof Warranty Means You Don’t Need Maintenance

You need to remember that a roof’s warranty only covers the things out of your control, such as manufacturing defects or workmanship errors. It does not cover regular wear and tear. So, even if you have a good warranty on your roofing system, your roof still requires regular maintenance to remain in top condition throughout the years.

4. A Roof Warranty Covers Everything

Unfortunately, many people fall prey to this myth. While most warranties do have comprehensive coverage, you need to read them carefully. There are some warranties, for example, that only cover the roofing material, tiles and shingles, but not the underlayment.

As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, Arry’s Roofing Services offers some of the most robust roofing warranties in the industry. GAF’s Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty covers both material and workmanship defects, so your roof is protected and insured completely.

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