4 Roofing Color Tips You Should Try

If you’ve been having serious and irreversible trouble with your existing roof, having a brand-new one installed to welcome the New Year might be an excellent idea. Roof replacement offers many benefits. Aside from greater weather protection and energy efficiency, it can also enhance the overall look of your home. The trick is choosing the color that works best with it.


In this post, premier East Lake, FL roofing contractors from Arry’s Roofing share tips on selecting the best roof color.

1. Using White or Other Light Colors
Your choice of roof color can actually influence the comfort and efficiency of your living spaces. While dark-colored roofing works best in cold-weather climates for their ability to retain heat, light-colored ones are more suitable to the warm Florida climate. They can effectively reflect heat and light upward, helping maintain cooler interiors and reducing the load on your air conditioning. In addition, using white or other light shades for your roofing can maximize the visual mass and roof-peak height of your home. If you’re aiming to make your home look bigger and your roof taller, choosing a white roof is the way to go.

2. Complementing your Home’s Exteriors
When choosing a great roof color, look to your home’s other design elements as a guide. Look for shingles that can blend perfectly with them. You can set roof samples against your home’s siding, brick or stonework, and painted trim. Check the samples at different times of the day to see how the colors and surfaces play out. You can also take a drive around your neighborhood and note what roof colors look great on homes with styles and hues similar to your own.

3. Considering Tried-and-Tested Color Combos
If you’re still unsure, you can try these reliable color combos. Use dark gray or black shingles for white, gray, yellow, and blue homes; brown, gray, or black roofing in Tarpon Springs, FL for yellow, green, and red homes; and earth-colored tones like brown for green, cream, and tan homes.

Choosing the best roofing color can be easier when you turn to a top roofing contractor like Arry’s Roofing for assistance. We offer high-quality GAF asphalt shingles, including three-tab, Timberline® Lifetime, and Designer Lifetime. These shingles are available in a wide selection of colors and styles that can set off the beauty of your exteriors. If you’re aiming for a more premium look, we also have asphalt shingles that can emulate the authentic beauty of slate and wood shake.

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