5 Common Roofing Mistakes and Ways We Avoid Them

Roofing errors are inevitable if you work with an inexperienced roofing contractor. The better training and experience a Tampa roofing company has, the smaller the chances they will make a mistake. With over 25 years of experience, Arry’s Roofing Services has the skills and know-how to avoid the following common roofing errors:

Common Roofing Mistakes

1. Installing inappropriate roofing material

Most residential homes feature steep slopes because they efficiently push rainwater into the gutters and they also provide an attractive aesthetic touch. However, some homes have little to no incline, which requires membrane roofing such as TPO. As an experienced roofer, we know what type of material will work best with different types of roofing slopes.

2. No drip edge

Drip edges may look insignificant, but they can save your home from prematurely damaged fascia, wood rot, and general aesthetic issues. The good news is that drip edges are part of GAF’s complete roofing system. Only certified roofers like us can install this roofing system on your home.

3. Missing or incorrectly installed starter shingles

Another critical component that works closely with drip edges are starter shingles. They will cause the same problems if they are missing or improperly installed by a sloppy contractor. A thorough understanding of roof installation techniques is usually enough to avoid this. GAF offers excellent starter strip shingles for every residential roofing application, making installation practically foolproof.

4. No leak barrier

Seasoned Tampa roofers know how essential leak barriers are to modern roofing. This component provides a secondary layer of protection to ensure your roof’s performance.

5. Roofing mistakes

Installers that lack experience may not know how many fasteners are needed per shingle. It’s extremely important to install fasteners on the right spots, at the right distances, and with the right numbers. Otherwise, all sorts of problems ensue, from weak installations to overly penetrated roof decks. In addition, if a contractor uses even just one too many fasteners on a roof’s worth of shingles, it equates to a lot of unnecessarily wasted units and higher costs for you.

Our designation as a GAF Master Elite™ contractor is our promise that installation errors are not likely to happen. In the event of erroneous installations, GAF’s transferable limited warranty options allow us to correct these errors at no cost to you.

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