5 Reasons Not to Skimp on Cleaning Your Roof Surface

Roofing systems accumulate debris over the course of the year. Over time, this debris accumulates and can cause damage to your roofing system. This is why it’s important to stay on top of roof cleaning and maintenance.

5 Reasons Not to Skimp on Cleaning Your Roof Surface

Here are five surprising reasons why it pays to be proactive about roof cleaning day:

1. More Energy Savings

High energy savings is the goal of every smart homeowner, but dirty roofs attract more heat. This, in turn, causes you to rely more on your HVAC system to keep your interior temperature at a comfortable level. Clean roofs, on the other hand, simply reflect heat, leading to a more energy efficient home.

2. Higher Property Value

The aesthetic factor plays a large role in your home’s overall value. By keeping your roofing system spotless, you make it as attractive as possible, boosting your curb appeal.

3. Better Waterproofing Capabilities

Leaving debris to collect and rot on your roof’s surface can be detrimental to its waterproofing capability. Cracks can appear on your roof and allow water, snow, and cold air to enter your home.

4. Sanitary and Health Benefits

An unkept roofing surface can become a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Microbial growth on your roof is a legitimate concern because, left unattended, it can spread into your attic and then throughout your entire home, creating a health hazard for you and your family.

5. Long-Term Savings

Clean roofs are well-maintained roofs. As such, you can expect them to be in peak condition for much longer, saving you from constant repair or premature replacement.

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