Common Questions about GAF’s Roofing Warranties

Replacing a roof can be tough. Everyone knows it’s going to be a big investment, but with it comes big decisions—from choosing a contractor to picking the right roofing materials. These decisions can actually determine the project’s success.


When it comes to roofing, you need to know more about the true value of a roofing warranty. This will not only protect you and your investments from untoward incidents, it will also give you peace of mind for years to come.

Arry’s Roofing, your trusted Tampa roofing contractor, offers GAF roofing products. As we are a certified GAF Master Elite® Contractor, you can reap the benefits of expert roofing. After all, we are trained by the top manufacturer to install their products properly. Moreover, only a few contractors have a GAF Master Elite certification. We are among the chosen ones who can offer GAF roofing products with complete coverage of their warranties.

To help you in understanding roofing warranties, we answer these common questions about GAF’s roofing warranty:

What Should I Look for in a Roofing Warranty?
There are two types of roofing warranties: the manufacturer warranty and the workmanship warranty. The manufacturer warranty protects you against manufacturing defects, while the workmanship warranty protects you from errors involving the installation.

What is GAF’s Smart Choice® Protection Period?
This provides extra coverage against manufacturing defects during the early years of your new roof. In the event of a problem, GAF will provide you with 100% replacement materials and the reasonable cost of labor for the installation.

What is the GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty?
This provides coverage against manufacturing defects for all major GAF roofing components. Any part of the roof that fails is covered by this warranty.

What is the Workmanship Coverage?
As for Arry’s Roofing, our workmanship warranty covers two years if you choose the Weather Stopper System Plus Ltd. Warranty and 25 years if you choose the Weather Stopper Golden Pledge® Warranty. Take note that we offer a warranty of 20 years on 3-tab shingles.

As a Master Elite contractor, we take pride in providing GAF’s range of quality roofing products. Moreover, we ensure reliable service, particularly in the installation of their roofing systems. Aside from full roof replacements, we also provide roof repair in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about our company, products, and services, just call us at (727) 938-9565, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your roofing projects. Choose Arry’s Roofing for all your roofing needs today!