Cool Roofs for Greener and More Sustainable Homes

Cool roofs are rising in popularity due to the practical benefits that they offer.  Arry’s Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in St. Petersburg, FL, discusses how investing in a cool roof for your home will help make it greener and more sustainable.

Cool Roofs

Protect Your Roof

The sun is one of your roof’s worst enemies. The extreme heat and UV rays cause blisters, splitting, and eventually roof decay. These issues can result in leaks, leading to interior and water damage. Investing in a cool roof would prevent these sun-related problems. Making this investment can help protect your roof and extend its life span.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

In addition to extending your roof’s life, investing in cool roofing in Largo, FL, can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Since your roof will absorb less heat, you’ll spend less on cooling costs. Since up to 32% of carbon emissions originate from electricity consumption, installing a cool roof also helps the environment by reducing power plant emissions.

Reduce Life-Cycle Costs 

The reflective and emissive qualities of a cool roofing system helps decrease maintenance costs and extend your roof’s life span. Absorbing heat stresses the construction, shortening the life span of your roof. Regardless of the materials used, a roof that absorbs less heat won’t deteriorate as quickly.

Regulate the Temperature

The urban heat island effect happens in a heavily populated area that lacks natural moisture due to various infrastructures. This can cause surfaces, such as roofs, to increase their temperature up to 50 degrees. Installing cool roofs can greatly reduce this effect by generating less heat than traditional roofs.

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