Cool Roofs: Looking Beyond the Myths

These days, cool roofs are the popular choice. Their superior eco-friendly benefits appeal to many homeowners and commercial property owners. Nevertheless, some are still skeptical about the functionality and efficiency.


Is investing in cool roofing a viable option? One of the top Dunedin, FL roofers, Arry’s Roofing, looks at a few things you should know about cool roofing.

The Cool Roof
Cool roofs are famous for their excellent energy-saving properties. Apart from being highly reflective, cool roofs emit the amount of heat these absorb. By adding a cool roof to your home, you can lessen the heat in your interiors. This is due to the roof’s ability to reflect and emit energy to the atmosphere, making your home cooler than those using traditional roofs.

Cool Roof Myths
Among other popular myths about cool roofs are the following:

1. “Homes in cooler regions cannot benefit from cool roofs.”
In some cases, cool roofs aren’t as effective in cooler regions. They might actually cause a slight increase in energy costs during colder months. Still, the energy savings you can get during the summer can often offset any increase in heating expenses. This is actually an ideal option for Florida homes, where temperatures are relatively high all year round.

2. “Cool roofs are pricier than other options.”
You can purchase a cool roof in almost any price range. You simply have to work with a reliable contractor to help you find what you need. For your roofing in Palm Harbor and the surrounding area, rely on Arry’s Roofing.

3. “Cool roofs don’t work properly with insulation.”
Cool roofs and insulation systems make a good match as they serve one purpose: to keep your home cool by preventing heat from penetrating your roof.

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