Debunked: 5 Popular Myths on Metal Roofing

There are many common misconceptions about metal roofing, and they may be the reason you’re hesitant to invest in one. The truth is: metal roofing offers many rewarding features that can greatly benefit you and your home.


To ease your mind, our expert East Lake, FL roofing contractors at Arry’s Roofing debunk five common myths about this excellent option:

1. Metal roofing increases the chance of lightning strikes.
Metal conducts electricity, but that doesn’t mean that it will draw lightning. In the off-chance that it does, however, your metal roof will disperse that energy safely because of its non-combustible properties. This makes metal roofing safer than other roof types, like wood.

2. You can hear raindrops through a metal roof.
You won’t actually hear the steady drip-drop of rain over your metal roof unless you install its sheets over open rafters. Since metal shingles nowadays are installed over your roof deck and its attic space and insulation, it reduces the likelihood of your metal roof producing sound. In fact, skylights are actually louder than a metal roof.

3. Metal roofs draw excessive heat during warmer months.
You won’t have to worry about steaming hot interiors during summer if you have a metal roof, since they can reduce heat gain in your home. You can augment this by applying reflective, energy-saving coatings to your metal roof, minimizing the amount of heat entering your home even further.

4. Metal roofing easily rusts.
Recent advancements have made it possible for metal roofs to provide longer-lasting weather protection for your home. These include applying zinc or zinc and aluminum composite “metallic” coatings that can prevent rust formation. After bonding these coatings to the metal, paint application follows, offering the durable finish that homeowners like.

5. You can’t walk over a metal roof.
You actually can if you know how to do it properly and without causing damage. This will also depend on the product you chose, so make sure to check with your East Lake, FL roofers.

If you’re ready to switch to metal roofing, call your premier roofing experts at Arry’s Roofing for quality installation. We have a full sheet metal shop with a highly specialized metal roofing crew that only installs this material. With our high quality products and skilled professionals, we’ll help maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home through your metal roof.

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