Everything You Need to Know About Single-Ply Roofing Systems

Single-ply systems have become the one of the most popular and cost-effective commercial roofing materials today. Unlike traditional layered roofing, single-ply systems only require a single layer of strong material to provide adequate protection, which results in faster installation, less manpower, and reduced cost.

Roofing Systems

Arry’s Roofing Services has provided single-ply roofing to St. Petersburg commercial property owners for more than 25 years. Here are the main features and benefits of our commercial roofing options:


Ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, is a type of synthetic rubber roofing material that’s been in use since the 1960s. Roofers install this material in three ways:

  • Fully adhered: Installed using water or solvent-based adhesives
  • Mechanically fastened: Installed using fasteners or nails
  • Loose-laid: Secured only at the perimeters and penetrations

EPDM roofs quickly surpassed built-up systems as the roofing material of choice thanks to their cost efficiency and ease of installation. Additionally, EPDM roofs do not emit the unpleasant odors and fumes characteristic of the manually applied tar component of built-up roofs.


Thermoplastic olefin, or TPO, is made from thermoplastics, ethylene, and/or propylene. It’s also known as plastic roofing. Some people get confused between TPO and EPDM, but there are distinct differences between these two types of single-ply roofing in Clearwater. TPO typically comes in white, while EPDM, being made of rubber, comes in black. Roofers seal TPO’s seams by heat-welding, while EPDM uses adhesives for sealing.

A main reason why TPO is the most popular single-ply roofing system in Florida today is its inherent cool roof properties. These light-colored roofs reflect sunlight away from the building, resulting in a more comfortable interior and significant energy savings.


Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a material commonly used in water pipes and electrical cable insulation. PVC roofing in Dunedin, FL, is the best solution for properties where ponding water is a problem. It also offers the same cooling benefits as TPO.

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