Flat Roofing Options Ideal for Residential Purposes

Most people associate flat roofs with commercial properties, but they can actually work just as well in homes. Flat roofs provide a sleek, modern appeal to any home, while also offering solid protection and functionality.

Flat Roofing

In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing, top roofers in the region, explain the benefits of our flat roofing options:

Built-Up Roofing

An old and reliable type of flat roofing system, built-up roofing entered the market in the 1840s. Built-up roofing is made of different plies of roof felt laminated in hot asphalt. It is then surfaced with gravel and finally set in an asphalt flood coat.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Making up a majority of the commercial roofing market, modified bitumen roofs are ENERGY STAR®-compliant. The fact that they come in multiple colors and are easy to install makes them appealing as well.


EPDM roofs have been in use since the 1960s and are among the most common low-sloped systems. EPDM is one of the most affordable options, making it a favorite. Plus, it is easy to install. Its three standard application procedures are fully adhered, mechanically fastened, and loose-laid.


The main benefits roofing contractors see in TPO membranes include exceptional resistance to the elements and superior algae resistance. TPO roofs are a durable and an environmentally friendly option, making them the easy choice for homeowners who think green.


PVC membrane is specifically designed to counter the pooling tendencies of flat roofing systems. Moisture cannot pass through a PVC roof because it is welded together with no seams.

With proper maintenance, a flat roofing system can offer the same benefits and more as traditional sloped roofing systems. Arry’s Roofing caters to both commercial and residential roofing needs in the Bay Area. Count on us to install the perfect flat roofing system for your home. We serve Largo and St. Petersburg, FL. Call us now at (727) 938-9565 to get a free in-home consultation and estimate.