GAF Master Elite™ Roofers Part 2: Benefits of Hiring One

In the first part of our special blog series, we talked about the rigorous standards a roofer must meet to be designated as a GAF Master Elite™ contractor. In the second installment, we’ll discuss the wide-ranging benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire a GAF Master Elite roofer.

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As one of the few Master Elite roofing contractors in the region, Arry’s Roofing explains the particular advantages that come with this prestigious title:

Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty

Only a Master Elite roofer can give you access to GAF’s strongest coverage, The Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty. This warranty has all the features of the System Plus Ltd. Warranty but provides longer workmanship coverage. Instead of the two years most companies are willing to give you, this powerful guarantee provides 25 years of coverage on installation.

Also, the Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty covers the tear-off costs for both material defects and workmanship errors. It also takes care of any disposal expenses.

GAF Inspection

Hiring a Master Elite contractor makes you eligible for GAF’s 40-point problem prevention inspection of your finished roofing system. GAF sends its own people to evaluate the installation, ensuring that everything was done to standard.

Having another third-party inspection minimizes chances of leakage. When GAF says that your roofing system was installed without fault, you can expect it to hold up against the elements for many years.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind you get from hiring a Master Elite company is invaluable. Qualified roofers have secured the proper licenses, carry adequate insurance, have tremendous experience, and have earned a solid reputation, so you know you’re in good hands.

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