How Pigments Make Metal Roofs Energy-Efficient

Did you know that the roof’s type, pitch and color have an effect on its energy efficiency? In this post, we focus on color, which is influenced by a coating technology. Every energy-efficient metal roof has special pigments, which enable it to absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight.

Metal Roofs Pigment

Cool Pigment Technology
Metal roofing in Tampa, FL, has a cool coating technology that focuses on reflecting solar radiation. This technology makes use of cool pigments, which gives color through absorbing and reflecting parts of the sun’s wavelength spectrums. These color pigments absorb visible light that they reflect and appear as colors to the human eye. The experts use two types of pigments for coatings, namely organic and inorganic.

Organic pigments are those that look vibrant and bright, while inorganic pigments are opaque and lightfast. For metal roofing applications, special groups of inorganic pigments are used for better results. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, cool coatings lower the surface temperature of roofs. This reduces the need for cooling systems. Homeowners or property managers who use energy-efficient metal roofs can enjoy bigger savings over time.

Energy-Efficient Metal Roofs
Due to these cool pigments, homeowners and building occupants alike consume less energy, which translates to savings in the long run. Moreover, energy-efficient metal roofs help maintain a comfortable indoor environment. In Florida, comfort and energy efficiency are two features that we greatly treasure. It’s necessary to have well-maintained roofs to prevent households from experiencing with extreme heat and humidity.

At Arry’s Roofing, our metal roofs are not just energy-efficient, they are durable, strong, and resilient to elements as well. In fact, our metal roofs can bear up winds of up to 150 mph. With proper maintenance, the metal roofs that we install last for a lifetime. If your concern is upgrading your home’s exterior, metal roofs can do that. They give a rustic and stylish appeal that complements almost all kinds of architectural designs.

Our energy-efficient metal roofing in Tampa is the answer to your various needs. We hope that this post explains how cool pigments make metal roofs energy-efficient. Aside from metal, we also install shingle, tile, flat and low-slope roofing systems.

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