How to Handle a Storm-Damaged Roof

The first thing you should do after a storm is inspect your roof. Doing so will help you determine if you will need emergency roofing assistance. Here are some of our expert tips:

Handle a Storm-Damaged Roof

Spotting Roofing Damage

Safety is your primary concern, so if your home has sustained major damage, do not stay indoors. Find a safe place to stay, and once the storm has passed, inspect the roof from the ground; do not climb onto the roof under any circumstances.

Conduct your roof inspection by taking a pair of binoculars and inspecting every square inch of the roofing area from the ground. Look for signs of damage, and pay special attention to roof edges, as they’re the areas most vulnerable to wind damage. Slight damage caused by small pieces of debris may not be as obvious, so you should look out carefully for shallow dents. Additionally, inspect the areas where flashing would be, such as valleys and dormers. Inside your home, inspect your ceiling for water stains, which mean you have a leak.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

If your roof has indeed been damaged by the storm, you should have your insurance agent present, along with your trusted roofing contractor, who will perform a thorough assessment of your roof’s condition and provide an estimate on how much the repair will cost. Save all receipts, including emergency repair work that you did yourself such as covering the windows.

If several other homes require emergency roofing assistance in the same area, the roofer may apply temporary emergency measures like tarp covers, then come back later in the day to apply a permanent solution. We have extensive experience working with insurance adjusters; leave your roof in our hands so you can focus on keeping your family safe.

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