Leak Detection and Solutions from Arry’s Roofing

Leaks are one of the most serious issues any homeowner can face. Water damage can cause mold, rot, and musty environments, so it’s important that you detect the leak as early as possible. With expert help from Arry’s Roofing, you can keep your home safe from water damage.

Leak Detection

What Causes Leaks?

Your St. Petersburg roofing is composed of several components. It can deteriorate over time due to everyday exposure to intense heat, strong winds, and heavy rain. These elements can cause your shingles to crack, blister, or become loose. High winds can also cause items to puncture through the roof and leave unwanted holes.

Another cause of leaks is improper flashing or poor installation. Flashing covers gaps between valleys and vents so water can’t pass through. Poor installation can also lead to nailing and ventilation issues.

Where Do You Find Leaks?

When you spot leaks from the inside of your home, you should work your way up. You will see water stains along walls and ceilings where water flowed. You can also make your way to the attic to look for holes or punctured areas where water can enter.

You can also find the source of leaks from the outside of your home. From the ground, use binoculars to inspect your roof for missing shingles or exposed layers. You can also spot missing nails, damaged flashing, or punctured areas.

What Do You Do About Leaks?

Taking care of your Saint Petersburg roofing is important to keep your home safe from leaks. Whenever you see signs of leaks, call for an expert inspection from Arry’s Roofing. We have years of experience with helping homeowners track the source of leaks and repairing them.

We keep your Clearwater roofing in great shape by inspecting for hidden and visible damage. After a thorough assessment, we will recommend repairs or replacement, whichever is necessary. We know what to look for so we can fix leaks immediately.

If you want to learn more about roof leaks and solutions, you can call us at (727) 938-9565. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation when you fill out our contact form.