Making the Switch to Metal Roofing – Part 3: Caring for a Metal Roof

Thanks to how metal is simply built, metal roofing is able to provide one of the best levels of protection available in the market today. But while the roofing material is naturally sturdy, allowing it to withstand a range of attacks from the elements, it is not invincible. Eventually, damage may pile up and when it does, you’re going to have a problem. Fortunately, you can avoid all that trouble by knowing how to care for metal roof.

A Rule of Thumb

An integral part of caring for a metal roof is making sure that maintenance tasks are carried out regularly. It is up to you to decide on specific dates but do schedule routine checks. Metal roofing is tough, so thorough examinations once or twice a year will suffice, unless an extreme weather event occurs. When severe weather hits, make it a point to check your metal roof immediately after it passes so you can assess damage as soon as possible and act accordingly. Some of the things that should always be checked for during routine maintenance include: sealant failure, damaged or loose panels and fasteners, snow or hail damage, damaged surface coating, and clogged gutters.

Other Maintenance Tasks

  • Repainting. Make sure you use acrylic latex paint when repainting your roof. Brushing on primer before you apply roof paint is also recommended as paint will adhere better to the primer, making it last longer. Copper roofs generally don’t need repainting because they develop a natural patina.
  • Repairs. Address holes or open seams to prevent moisture from seeping into your roof. You can use roofing cement to plug up small holes but if they’re big enough to be noticeable, you have to patch your roof, using the same kind of metal to do so.
  • Replacements. Replace all loose parts and portions to maintain the integrity of your roof. If fastener gaskets are starting to fail, replace them. If sealant at the seams has started to thin out, reapply to replace what has been lost due to wear and tear.

The best thing about caring for a metal roof is that you can entrust the responsibility to your trusted local roofing contractor, Arry’s Roofing. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience so we know right away what to look for and what must be done to keep your metal roof in top shape at all times.