Metal Roofing: Why It’s Exceptionally Energy Efficient

Metal is one of the coolest roofing options. A metal roofing system can slash your annual energy costs by up to 40% and make your immediate environment less of a heat island.

metal roofing

Why does metal roofing beat most of its counterparts in the energy efficiency department? Arry’s Roofing talks about the science behind the superior performance of this roofing material:

Reflecting Heat

Metal reflects most of the solar radiation that hits your roof. Even basic, unpainted metal products send a considerable amount of infrared light back to the sky that would be absorbed into the attic if you had a different roofing material. When coated with reflective paint, the metal roof’s already impressive solar reflectance property shoots to new heights.

Re-Emitting Solar Radiation

Metal is superior when it comes to blocking heat, but the right finish allows it to re-emit up to 90% of its absorbed solar radiation. In other words, it doesn’t just keep from heating up—it also cools fairly fast. A highly reflective and emissive metal roof coating prevents your home from overheating, especially during the hottest months.

Being relatively light, metal loses its heat faster than heavier materials. The moment the sun stops striking it directly, it quickly reverts to the temperature of the surrounding air.

Cooling Your Attic

Top-quality metal roofing systems come with built-in ventilation to maintain a desirable indoor attic climate. Since the sun isn’t the only source of heat in your home, efficient intake and exhaust vents expel the moist air your home generates. This helps inhibit excessive humidity and associated problems like mold and mildew groth.

At Arry’s Roofing, we’re certified by some of the top metal roofing manufacturers in America, including Sentrigard and Drexel Metals. With our high-performance solutions, we can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals in Tampa, FL. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 for your FREE roof inspection and estimate.