Preventing Roof Problems Before They Even Develop

The roof is your commercial building’s first line of defense against the wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Normally, it does a decent-enough job protecting your place of business. But without proper maintenance, your roof will begin showing signs of a looming problem.


Signs of an Impending Roof Problem

When any complex structural system like the roof is not maintained properly, it has many possible points of failure. Depending on factors like the type of roof you have, how long it has been since its last maintenance, and the recent weather conditions, your roof might show one or several symptoms of a roof problem. A thorough inspection by quality Dunedin, FL, roofers like Arry’s Roofing is the only way to be sure.

The prolonged presence of standing water causes premature aging of the roof, which may lead to leaks. Undetected leaks rot wood, rust metal, and cause lightweight insulating concrete and gypsum decks to turn into paste-like substances. Bubbles may form under the roof cover, speeding up the premature aging of the deck and reducing the cover system’s effectiveness against windstorm uplift forces. During events with strong winds, gaps in the flashing that remain undetected significantly increase the chances of a roof cover failure. These openings also carry the risk of water intrusion, which may lead to mold growth. Another place where water might intrude is through tears in the roof cover. Detached or loose lightning protection systems no longer work but carry the risk of puncturing the roof covering in a high wind event. Further, skylights that are not securely fastened allow rain and debris to enter the building in similar conditions.

Prevention of Roof Problems

A roof that isn’t properly maintained carries all sorts of risks. Not addressing these problems early on during a routine maintenance transforms what should have been a simple repair into a costly replacement. Small issues snowball into big problems, especially when left unaddressed over time. By preventing these problems before they even start, your roof will have a much longer lifespan and will protect your commercial property from the weather much more effectively.

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