Proper Ventilation for Roof Health

As a homeowner, you should be conscious of your roof’s physical condition and one of the most important things that you should take into account is your house’s ventilation. Proper ventilation is vital when it comes to keeping your roof at its best. You should not underestimate external factors that can potentially damage your roof due to lack of proper ventilation.


The main idea here is to balance the flow of air from both within the structure and outside of it. Regulation of excess heat and moisture from the attic lessens premature damage to the roof. The last thing that you want to happen to your roof is for it to lose its ability to protect your home because of dynamic weather conditions. In fact, neglecting your roof’s needs may eventually cause damage to your home.

Also, realize that poor ventilation visibly reflects in the home’s interior. Personal belongings stored in the attic end up ruined, and condensation from the usage of appliances downstairs become more evident. Because air regulation is lacking in the attic, the roof deck can become warped. Rust forms on nails as well as the straps keeping the ductwork and other unprotected metal items. Lack of proper ventilation can bring about more problems to your home, including, but are not limited to, mold, mildew, and higher energy costs.

The good news is that Arry’s Roofing has your back, and we are always ready to provide quality Saint Petersburg roofing services regardless of whether it is for a residential or commercial need! In fact, we offer an energy-efficient product called Attic Breeze, which is a solar-powered attic fan that sucks hot air out of your attic. Just imagine how valuable this would be when installed. This can not only give you energy savings, it can also add comfort and protection to your home.

Homeowners like you can conveniently install this on tile roofs, shingle roofs, metal roofs, gables, or walls. Furthermore, the Texas Energy Conservation Office has selected Attic Breeze as the winner of the 2011 Eureka Awards, which recognizes innovative, environment-friendly technologies on a yearly basis. Roofing in St. Petersburg has never been this effective and efficient, and that is thanks to Arry’s Roofing’s consistent efforts to provide quality service!

The next time you look at your roof and see signs of damage, or if you have any questions about attic ventilation, get in touch with Arry’s Roofing right away.