Reasons You Should Invest in Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is one of the most common low-slope roofing systems. It consists of hot asphalt, plastic, and rubber layered between sheets of polyester or fiberglass. Here, Arry’s Roofing, the trusted Tampa roofing contractor, discusses the qualities that make this commercial roofing option a great investment.

Modified Bitumen


Modified bitumen is manufactured with polymer modification that makes it resistant to severe weather conditions. It can withstand extreme conditions and harmful UV rays, allowing for lasting performance.

Energy Efficient

This roofing type features highly reflective surfaces that reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your building. The result is a more comfortable office space and reduced burden on your HVAC system, which saves you money in energy bills.

Cost Efficient

Our commercial roofers in Largo, FL, will install the modified bitumen swiftly and properly, sparing you valuable time and labor costs. In addition, this roofing type requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money over the years.

Long Lasting

We offer modified bitumen reinforced with one or more piles of fabric, which includes fiberglass, polyester, or a combination of both. This means your new roof will last for more than 20 years, meaning you won’t need to invest in a roof replacement for a very long time. As a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor, we are committed to ongoing training to keep us educated and up-to-date on different roofing materials. You can count on us to conduct a thorough inspection and any necessary roof repair in Tampa, FL, to prolong your roof’s service life.

These features make our modified bitumen commercial roofing an ideal choice for your business needs. Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial roofing, you can expect Arry’s Roofing to provide efficient roofing solutions. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 for more information about our commercial roofing options.