Roof Areas Prone to Leaks

Some parts of your roofing system are more prone to damage than others. Leaks have a habit of developing in these vulnerable areas. In this post, Arry’s Roofing discusses the three areas on your roof that are most susceptible to leaks.

Roof Leaks

Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are points where two sections of the roof intersect. Normally, your roof valleys are covered by flashings, but these thin metal strips aren’t leak-proof and tend to get worn down, too. Make it a point to check your roof valleys and verify that the flashings are holding up. Failure to address small leaks in the roof valley or do preventive maintenance can lead to bigger and more expensive roof repair in the near future.

Roof Field

Leak damage can also manifest on the surface where the roof shingles are laid. If your shingles crack or break down, the nails underneath them are exposed. Water can seep in through these cracks. Over time, the water damage will extend to the underlayment and the wooden parts of the roof’s structure.

The Chimney Area

As a general rule, any area in your roof that has a “cut” in the shingles is more prone to leaks, the chimney area being the most notable. Older homes, in particular, are more prone to chimney leaks as a result of aging caulk. Alternatively, exposure to heat can create holes where leaks can form.

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