Roof Replacement: 4 Things to Expect During Your Project

While a roof replacement can be an exciting project, it can also be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. There are a lot of things that you may wonder about when it comes to the replacement process, so it’s important to know what you should expect.

Tar Shingle Installation

Arry’s Roofing is the premier company for roofing in St. Petersburg and the nearby areas. We understand how important it is to have a smooth upgrade experience. To achieve that, you should have an idea of what happens during a roof replacement. Here are four things you need to expect:

  1. Too Much Noise – Like any other major home improvement projects, roof replacement involves heavy construction. Contractors need to hammer some components into place, so expect extreme noise during the process. To lessen the disruption to your daily activities, it’s wise to inform your family members and neighbors about the project days before it starts. You can also plan some time away from your home to avoid the hassle.
  2. Mess—A Whole Lot of It – Replacing your roofing in Clearwater may also cause dust and other kinds of debris to appear around your home. It’s a good idea to secure and cover important items before starting the project. In addition, the replacement may also cause vibrations in your home, so you should remove figurines and other hanging materials to prevent damage.
  3. Removal of Furniture and Other Fixtures – Due to the complexity of the project, your contractor may need to remove your valuables from the work area. You don’t have to worry though if you work with Arry’s Roofing Services. Rest assured we will take care of putting everything back in order after the replacement.
  4. Surprise Delays – While roofers deliver the materials days before the actual work begins, some issues might hinder them from proceeding with the replacement. Bad weather conditions and changes in work plans are some of the things that cause delays. To make sure your new roofing in Dunedin, FL, is installed on schedule, consult Arry’s Roofing. With proper planning and scheduling, we always strive to finish any project on time.

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