The Common Problem Areas of Commercial Flat Roofs

While flat roofs are aesthetically appealing and energy efficient, they often end up requiring more attention than other roofing types. In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing Services Inc., one of the most trusted roofers in the area, discusses the typical problems of flat roofs and how we address them:


The Common Problem Areas of Commercial Flat Roofs

Water Accumulation

Ponding water is the main cause of flat roof deterioration. When the water that hits your roof accumulates, the membrane breaks down and causes leaks. This issue can be solved by adding a tapered insulation system that will shed the water off your roof.


Constant exposure to the elements can result in a cracked membrane that resembles the skin of an alligator. To prevent this, our company uses a complete line of coating systems that can be applied to any type of roofing. The coats form a watertight seal over the entire roof, protecting its surface. This coating can extend the roof’s service life and help you save money in the long run.

Edge Damage

When water does not drain properly, it remains at the edge of the roof. This can be detrimental to your flat roof. The best solution is to ask for experts’ help. They have in-depth knowledge on how the system works, which translates to a job well done.

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