A Roof Replacement Plan During Hurricane Season

Nobody rings in hurricane season. It doesn’t arrive with fanfare and fireworks, like New Year’s Eve. It quietly slips in and goes unnoticed, except by the news media which uses the season’s arrival to cheerfully tell us the names of the storms that could end up destroying our property and altering our lives.

Hurricane season is underway and we’ve gotten a taste of it quickly. Less than a month after it started, Tropical Storm Debby arrived to give Florida plenty of weather action to stay busy. Strong winds may have ripped shingles off your neighbor’s home. Heavy rainfall may have flooded some of the areas you planned to drive through. But hopefully, you remained safe throughout the experience.

Photo by Chris Zuppa, Associated Press

We’re a long way from the end of the Atlantic hurricane season which ends on November 30. How you prepare for the next potential disaster between now and then is of the utmost importance. After all, your roof is your home’s most important system of protection so if your roof goes, everything else could easily follow.

If you believe your roof is not functioning at its best, for whatever reason, replacement timing becomes critical. Your roof’s ability to withstand severe storms, the kind generated by tropical weather systems, is a must during hurricane season. A compromised, weak and vulnerable roof provides no true protection and getting it replaced quickly could spare you property damage expense later on.

There is time to address and remedy those roofing concerns in Tampa Bay. By calling Arry’s Roofing, a 25+ year veteran of the industry, you can get an expert on site to evaluate your existing roof and make a recommendation. In some cases, repairs may be all that’s necessary to return your roof to tip-top shape. So make the call now before the next potential disaster finds its way to Florida.