Big Month for No Roof Left Behind Nominees

This weekend much of the focus will be on Hollywood where Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast will tell us who earned Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture for 2013. Whether you’re rooting for Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, or 12 Years a Slave, “picking” the winners in advance is a challenging endeavor. It’s the same type of challenge to be faced when determining which deserving local homeowner will be among the four finalists in the No Roof Left Behind promotion.

As of this posting heading into the weekend, 11 homeowners appear on the site as nominees. St. Petersburg and Clearwater lead the way with three nominees each. Largo is represented by two nominees and the others come from Reddington Beach, Indian Rocks Beach and Pinellas Park.

The nomination period ends two weeks from Saturday. That means you have only a little time left to decide who to nominate and make the nomination happen or support an existing nominee. Only four will move on to the next phase.

The stories we’re reading so far are compelling. They talk about personal loss, financial struggles, and medical battles. They give us a real sense of challenges to be met head on and overcome.  While we know only one homeowner will be named a winner of the free roof, we wish each family the ability to find or create the path to solving their roofing issues in a timely manner.

Share the links

As you review the current nominees, we invite you to share their pages on your social media sites. Let your friends on Facebook know what’s going on. Share it with your Twitter followers. Make it a topic for discussion on Google+. Wherever you spend your time online, help us raise awareness of the need for these homeowners to live safely and securely under better roofs.

Nominate a homeowner

The process to nominate a homeowner is fairly simple, and requires just a few steps. Some important rules must be followed, such as ensuring your nominee actually owns the home. You also want to upload photos and share a personal story related to the urgent need for roof replacement.

Consider nominating someone you know who deserves this kind of help or make time to support a current nominee. Who knows, you could be living down the street from a future winner of a free roof installed by Arry’s Roofing. You just might be the person to set it all in motion with a small investment of time this weekend.


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